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... but first:
How much is my Marilyn Monroe item worth?

I get that question quite a bit.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional appraiser. I cannot tell you how much your Marilyn item is worth.

I would advise you to either purchase Clark Kidder's book "Marilyn Memorabilia: Putting a Price on the Priceless Performer" or else visit "Country Living Online Appraisals" or any of the other number of on-line appraisal services

Personal Update

May 2006: Other than this site, I also maintain two other sites, one of which eats up a lot of time.

Eventually, I will have to either get a part time job, or once again attempt to get a full-time office job. Needless to say, whenever that happens, I won't be able to update my personal sites all too often, including this one. Right now, I'm doing some free- lance work.


Contact Me - but please don't write asking me how much your Monroe collectible is worth. My old e-mail address no longer works; as of May 28, 2005, I have a new one!



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