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night lights / lamps

see also: LIGHT BOX

Lamp by Crosa

^ 1996. By Crosa Collection

height = 27 inches

Touch lamp

^ Year? Maker (Square Trade)? Lamp

From on site ad: SquareTrade © AP6.0 Great Looking 23" Tall Touch Lamps are decorated with MARILYN MONROE on Each Pane. These 3-Way Lamps

^ Lamp. Probably by Vandor. Post 2000

String of party lights

^ Year? String of 'Andy Warhol' brand party lights (shown in original packaging). Maker?

Night light
packaging for light

^ Above left: night light. Circa 2003. By Ata Boy (?)

Above right: shown in original packaging, which reads, in part, "Andy Warhol Nite Light"

NIght Light

^ Year? (ca. 2006) Maker?

Year? Maker? (Discovered on the internet 2006.)

Marilyn in bathing suit

^ Year? Maker? (Looks like a Vandor product)

Lava Lamp
Milton Green image of Marilyn in black robe

^ 2006. Vandor.

Lava lamp

^ Year? Maker?

Found on the web in 2007

Marilyn holding puppy dog
Sam Shaw image of Marilyn

^ Year? Maker?

Found on e-bay UK 2007

^ Year? Maker?

Found on e-bay UK 2007

side view

^ 2004. Light Affection

Limited Edition of : 500
Size: 5" x7"
Frame Color: White
Price: $69


LICENSE driver's / car

License plate

^ 2000. By Sign Of The Times. License plate for car

Shown in original packaging

The plate reads: "Mfg Sign of the Times #12005 Marilyn Monroe / HLYWD STAR

Manufactured & Distributed by Sign of the Times, Inc. Vernon, CA 90058 / Made in China

Plate reading "Marilyn" - red background

^ Fake / souvenir driver's license

^ Year? (ca. 2006) By Sign Of The Times.

License plate for car

Shown in original packaging


Milton Greene Photo of Marilyn

^ circa 2005. Maker?

I saw one of these for sale at a local mall for about $39.00. Other than the phrase "Marilyn Monroe Light Box," I saw no other writing on the box


To Be Added Later



Zippo lighter
Red zippo lighter

^ 2000. Made in the USA.

The first Marilyn zippo lighter. Came in a round, tin-shaped like movie reel container

^ 2002

Seven Year Itch design
Limited edition

^ 2003

^ Special, limited edition zippo lighter, shown in original packaging. I have no other information on this item

SEven Year Itch
Bathing suit

^ 2004

^ 2004

Niagara photo

^ 2005, Probably by C & D Visionary.

C & D Visionary

disposable lighters

^ ca. 2005

Flip Top Lighters - by various manufacturers

Black and white photo

^ Year? Maker?

^ Year? Maker?

Lighter by Ronson

^ Year? Maker?

^ Year? by Ronson

LIMOGE boxes / figures /

porcelain hinged boxes

^ circa 2000. Maker?

^ Year? Maker?

(I think it's from the UK)

^ 2001. pHB Collection.

Designed by MCF, limited edition, made in China

^ 2000. pHB collection.

Designed by MCF

^ circa 2000. by pHB.

Assorted Marilyn Monroe porcelain hinged boxes

LUGGAGE / suitcases

^ 2004. by Aliz International

^ 2004. Maker?

UK product.

Warhol design, orange background

^ 2004. Maker?

UK product.

^ Year? By Rolser

Found on e-bay UK 2007

Black and white images of Marilyn on luggage
Close up of bag's fabric

^ Year? Maker?

On right: close-up of fabric

Found on e-bay UK 2007


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
How to Marry a Millionaire

^ 2001. By NECA.

Sticker on bottom reads "NECA Limited Edition"

height (of box) = 6 3/4"

width (of box) = 8 1/2"

^ Year? Maker?

(mine is in storage, so I can't look for any information on it)

The Seven Year Itch

^ Year? Maker?

^ circa 2003/2004. by Vandor

^ ca. 2004. Vandor.

^ ca. 2004. Vandor.

^ ca. 2005. Vandor.

^ ca. 2005 / 2006. Vandor.

^ 2006. Vandor.