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FLAGS / banners, wall hangings

see also: B > Bedding (for bedspreads, tapestries, throws, etc.)

^ Year (circa 1990s)? Maker?

^ Year (circa 1990s)? Maker?

Wearing top hat, star in background

^ Year (circa 1990s)? Maker?

(I own one that is very similar to this one; mine doesn't have any text on it, but it has the same photo of MM on it. Mine is in storage so I cannot snap a photo of it)

^ ca. 1986. Maker?

The American e-bay seller referred to this as a wall hanging, but it appears to be a shower curtain

dimensons = 45" x 47"

'Warhol'-like photo of Marilyn
^ Year? Maker?

^ Year? Maker?

Advertised as being wall hangings to be used for parties.

First seen on the web around 2006.


see also: S > Socks, S > Shoelaces

Marilyn Monroe flip flops

^ Slippers. 1984. By 'Walk With the Stars'

^ Year? By Oasis

Flip flops made in Italy

Found on e-bay Italy 2007

Shoes with Warhol type pattern

^ Boots. ca. 2006. UK product

^ High heel shoes. Year? ca. 2005-2006, (or possibly by Kelly's, 1999). UK product (?)

View shoe in original context at the following page:

high heels

^ Marilyn Monroe high heels. Maker?

Spotted on web in 2006. Shown on right: Close-up of shoe fabric

Black heels with box
Red High Heel
Teal shoe
Label with Marilyn's name
^ 1986. By Thom McAn
^ ca 2010. Maker?


Yellow frame
Pink and red frame

^ Year? (ca. 2005) By Vandor.

(mine is in storage)

^ Year? (ca. 2006). By Vandor
Pink frame

^ Artist depiction

^ Year? (ca. 2006). By Vandor

^ ca. 1990. By Clay Art

The above image is a drawing I did from memory; I have not been able to find a photo of this product.

I saw this ceramic frame by Clay Art at a gift shop in New Orleans.

I have never seen it anywhere else since then, not even on the web. It is not even mentioned in Clark Kidder's book.


Bean Bag Chair

^ Year? Maker?

Bean bag chair. Seen on the web around 2006

^ 2000. Leather Center.

Intimate Allure furniture collection

Advertisement for Marilyn Monroe furniture

^ Year? Maker?